WSJ: Spending the Night With Frank Lloyd Wright

outubro 12, 2005 at 10:49 am (abstraindo, matutando)

Hoje o Wall Street Journal trouxe Spending the Night With Frank Lloyd Wright, por Terry Teachout. Acontece que visitar as casas do Wright não se compara a viver numa delas – ou pelo menos hospedar-se por alguns dias. Três de suas casas agora podem ser alugadas por curtos períodos de tempo: Schwartz House e Seth Peterson Cottage (foto ao lado) no Wisconsin, Penfield House em Ohio. O preço varia de $225 à $350 por noite. Ai ai…

(…) For all their essential similarities, Wright’s houses affect their occupants in very different ways. The Peterson Cottage, built in 1959 on the edge of an isolated, heavily wooded bluff overlooking Mirror Lake, is so tranquil and serene that I felt as though I could sit in meditative silence by its great sandstone hearth for hours on end. The 3,000-square-foot Schwartz House, on the other hand, is in a built-up residential neighborhood and has the friendly, slightly down-at-heel look of a place that has been occupied by children ever since it was built in 1939. To put it another way, the Peterson Cottage feels like a work of art, the Schwartz House like a comfortable home that just happens to be heart-stoppingly beautiful. (Taliesin, which was built, rebuilt and constantly remodeled between 1911 and Wright’s death in 1959, suggests a cross between these two qualities.)

While a visitor might well sense such things in the course of a daytime visit, it’s only when the sun sets that you take full possession of a Wright house and start to imagine what it would be like to live there around the clock. After dark I turned on all the lights in the Schwartz House, stepped into the back yard and reveled in the warm amber glow that photographs only suggest. Then I went back inside, plugged my iPod into a pair of portable speakers and filled the house with the spacious, all-American sounds of Aaron Copland’s Piano Sonata and Pat Metheny’s “Midwestern Night’s Dream,” both of which were ideally suited to Wright’s prairie-evoking interiors. You can’t do that on an hour-long tour!

The Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy lista as casas do Wright que estão no mercado: Wright on the Market. Ai ai. Ai ai ai.


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